Fa’s Bubble Theory

Life is a series of invisible bubbles.

When we are born, we pop out in an invisible bubble. We are unable to communicate and understand the world. So we stay inside our bubble, feeling safe and sound. We enjoy being pampered and the limitless hugs and kisses and attention continue to make our tiny bubble as cosy as possible.

As a child, still trapped inside our little bubble, we begin our learning process. Our likes and dislikes. Our favourite soda, ice cream flavour, candies and favourite people. We learn that dad is always away and mom is always angry. We learn that siblings aren’t always nice and crying doesn’t always solve our problems.

As we grow into our teens, we begin observing the world outside our bubble a little more. We try to smile to the outside world but more often we feel alienated. We find it difficult to understand why people do the things they do. We isolate ourselves from the judgemental world. And we continue to stay inside our bubble where no one can hurt us.

As we grow older, we understand ourselves better and we continue to wonder about the mysterious world outside our bubble. We open our eyes only to see everyone else in the mystery land also trapped inside their own bubbles. It’s not easy to understand why everyone are walking around inside bubbles but that is the way it is. As the curiosity builds up and when the time arrives, with the confidence and courage gained, we discover our magical ability to pop our bubble. Without the bubble now, we are free to walk around, and be a part of the world we once chose to be isolated from. But guess what? We soon discover there are others who decide to pop their bubbles too. And so we begin to greet one another, exchange smiles, communicate and bond. We form relationships. We form society.

However, there will always be some people still inside their bubbles as we freely roam about. Sometimes they are not ready to pop their bubbles just yet. And sometimes they just don’t want to. It is their individual choice.

There will come a time when you would feel low or even worse – hit the ground, and you feel the world is just not fair. You feel everyone hates you. You hate yourself. You hate your life. And you want to disappear. That’s when you will discover your magic once again – the ability to create your bubble. You can stay inside your bubble and re-build everything in life, gaining confidence and courage before you decide you are able to bond with the rest of the word once again.

So the next time you get upset with your kid’s bad behaviour, just remind yourself – they are still learning of their bubble world and aren’t ready for yours.

If you and your spouse couldn’t get along well despite loving each other – try to understand that the world inside their bubble perhaps was much different than the world inside your bubble, thus creating two different individuals who are still learning to bond.

When you totally feel disconnected with your aging parents – they could be in a stage where they need more reassurance and love, hence deciding to get back inside their bubbles.

And when you meet selfish people of the society who gets on your nerves – don’t frown. They aren’t selfish, they are just still trapped inside their bubble, trying to learn about themselves before they could fit into our world.

Every now and then, you too will have to re-build your bubble. And that’s perfectly okay.


Published by: fa abdul

Fa is a passionate storyteller, a struggling producer, an aspiring playwright, an expert facebooker, a lazy blogger, a self-acclaimed photographer, a regular columnist, a part-time queen and a full time vain pot.

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