Mary Jane Veloso’s Last Words to Her Boys (according to sis Maritess Veloso)

“Mac, when I die, don’t think that I died.

Mama is a bad person, that’s why I’m in prison.

I want you to be proud of mama, okay Mac?

I want you to say ‘my mama died owning up to the sins of others’.

I want you to think that I died with a pure heart.

With no fault, mama will go to heaven.

Do you understand, Mac? (Mac, 12, nods)

Darren, do you understand? (Darren, 6, shakes his head)

Listen to me…

If mama don’t come home,

It means I am already with the Lord.

Do you understand? (Darren, 6, nods)”

Fa’s Note: Mary never knew there were drugs inside the bag given to her by her neighbour, Kristina. Few hours before Mary’s execution, Kristina surrendered herself to the police and admitted the offence. Minutes before the execution, the world is informed of her deterred sentence. God bless Mary Jane and her kids.


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