Myuran Sukumaran’s Last Words (as told by Brin Sukumaran)

When I spoke to Myu, he spoke about the things he was going to miss seeing, the New Avengers movie, Batman vs Superman, Star Wars episode 7, the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight (something he really wanted to see). My mum and aunt had silent tears streaming down their faces as Myu smiled and joked trying to cheer them up. But that’s who Myu is, he is that friend that places himself last in order to support those around him.

He held my sister and my hands and started giving us advice that I know I will hold onto forever.

He told me Success is cumulative. That No one wakes up successful. It takes hard work behind the scenes where no one else can see. It starts when you set yourself goals, you make sure you do something small everyday.

He told me I was only restricted by the restrictions I placed on myself. “Don’t let people say no, find a way around their negativity.”

During my visit I watched as Sylvester gave his kids piggy backs and pray over them. I saw Mary Jane’s youngest cling onto her as she said goodbye. I saw Raheem’s girlfriend weep and ask for him to “find her”. I saw the “just married” smile on Andrews face as we clapped him Joy. I saw smiles so wide and humbling on the faces of other prisoners when Myu tasked me with the job of handing out his chocolates and Nut bars that he “no longer needed”.

Myu spent both today and yesterday trying to take care of other people. Trying to organise everything so that others would be taken care of.
That’s Myu through and through.

As I prayed with Myu at today’s visit, one thing I kept saying again and again is that God has etched Eternity on Myu and Andrews heart. Thats quite literally the only thing I can be sure of during all of this chaos.


4 thoughts on “Myuran Sukumaran’s Last Words (as told by Brin Sukumaran)”

      1. What they did was a big time crime in a nother country. Big sharks in australia making huge sums in narcotics but these 2 relatively stupid boys got caught.but surely not to the point of killing them 2 reformed humans.


  1. These words were actually spoken by Myu’s cousin Dharminie, and not his sister Brin but that’s not as important as the words itself. Myu became a great man. I send his family all my hopes and prayers and sincerely hope that Myu rests in eternal peace.


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