When the Numbness Starts Kicking In…

140 countries has abolished death penalty.
59 countries have not.
29 countries out of the 59 continue to kill people in the name of justice.
Malaysia is one of them.

Save your lectures on the damage these men have done to our society. I have relatives who have been victims of drug abuse, I have an uncle and a cousin who disappeared from my life because of drugs. I have nephews and nieces orphaned because of drugs. But two wrongs doesn’t make one right.

Driving under the influence of alcohol has taken up many lives, why aren’t anyone pulling a trigger at them? A life for a life right? Go ahead, let’s kill that nanny who abused the baby to death. Let’s kill the lady who ran over the pedestrians because she was busy texting. Let’s fix explosives in tobacco factories who are responsible for thousands of deaths every year.
Kill! Kill! Kill!

As much as I respect your rights to have your own opinions, so do I. And I am saddened by what this world has turned into. We don’t even have the compassion for our fellow human beings as we show for stray dogs. Despicable!


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