10 Signs of Horrible Leaders


Lately there has been a lot of raves about our leaders who make headlines for all the wrong reasons – from making racist statements all the way to being plain dumb. It got me thinking what bozos we have as leaders in our country. Truly, we have a number of politicians who make horrible leaders.

These leaders whose profession are supposed to be noble and self-sacrificing gets a little too complicated when they become power-hungry and obsessed with the perks that comes with their position. And when that happens, they compromise between ethics and principles.

Clearly, horrible leaders have negative impact on the lives of the Rakyat as well as damage the image of the country. Therefore, understanding the traits of horrible leaders can help us avoid leadership pitfalls and at the same time, provide a guideline for our new generation of politicians.

These are my top ten signs of horrible leader:

1. Lack of Integrity

A good leader should be honest, transparent and trustworthy. Politicians commonly tend to over-promise and under-deliver. This happens because they try too hard to impress others by overusing promises.


  1. Leaders who promise not to increase oil price however decides to hike it as soon as winning an election.
  2. Leaders who goes back on their pledges to abolish a certain colonial-era law.

2. Lack of Performance

Nobody is perfect, but leaders who consistently fail suck as leaders. Leaders need to have visions, missions and most importantly, determination to pursue after those visions and missions. Those who are all talk and no action will not be successful over the long haul.


  1. Leaders who decide to allow public funds to be used to resuscitate a poorly managed airline.
  2. Leaders who lose RM28 billion every year to over payment, wastages and leakages.

3. Fail to Prioritize

Leaders who do not prioritize the needs of the Rakyat will fail. The true leaders of the people are those who consistently find ways to engage the people and incorporate the Rakyat’s needs into their planning initiatives. Leaders who ignore, mistreat, or otherwise don’t value their people certainly have their days numbered.


  1. Leaders who choose to play golf during the worst natural disaster in the country.
  2. Leaders who grant their wives with huge budgeted projects compared to the fund allocated to assist victims of a major natural disaster in the country.

4. Lack of Leadership

A leader’s job is to create leaders not to promote oneself as a superhero. They need to constantly inspire, motivate and nurture everyone to be a team player. A true leader has to be flexible in their leadership approach – “My way or the highway” leadership styles doesn’t resonate in today’s society anymore.


  1. Leaders who constantly defend and make excuses on behalf of their subordinates and never take action against their misconducts.
  2. Leaders who claim crime rates in the country to be merely a public perception, however decides to combat crime after a personal incident.

5. No Accountability

Real leaders are accountable. They don’t blame others, instead they always accept responsibility for failures that occur on their watch. If a leader avoids responsibility, they’ll shipwreck the country and will eventually be held accountable by their people.


  1. Leaders who claim not knowing about the financial benefits and project tenders enjoyed by their spouses since they only sleep together and do not discuss matters of business.
  2. Leaders who abuse power in order to control land allocation and forestry licensing to enrich family members and associates.

6. No Balls

Leaders must have balls to make decisions and stick by their decisions. Politicians who do not dare to face the consequences of their own conduct are no leaders. They lack self-confidence. At the same time, leaders need courage. Courage is having the strength to do the right thing when it would just be easier to do things right.


  1. Leaders who chant unity and togetherness but hides under the ‘tempurung’ when their subordinates make racist statements.
  2. Leaders who do not appear in foreign courts to give statement regarding corruption cases to clear their tarnished reputation.

7. Arrogance

It takes confidence and humility to be a good leader. However many misunderstand arrogance for confidence. The truth is, an arrogant leader lacks energy and enthusiasm. A good leader doesn’t have to shout to show how great they are to everyone. You may be good, but remember, there’s always someone better than you.


  1. Leaders who demand those unhappy with the political system of the country to leave.
  2. Leaders who demand the Rakyat to have gratitude over the decrease of price of certain type of vegetables.

8. Complacency

A leader who is complacent with things as they are and feel there is nowhere else to go is not a good leader. There’s always room for improvement. Leaders need to have a goal to strive for and they must continue to learn. When they stop learning, they become stagnant and won’t do well over the long-run.


  1. Leaders who have been in power for far too long and feels it is better to instill fear among the people instead of working harder to gain the people’s support.
  2. Leaders who claim to have the best education system despite the falling of the standards on international level and do nothing viable to improve.

9. Bad Communication Skills

Politics is all about communication. If a leader wants to change something, he/she needs to be able to communicate efficiently. Without communication skills it will be difficult to address the public in an effective manner. When leaders communicate poorly, they might fail to pass along the right information and invite embarrassment.


  1. Leaders with bad language skills – “Mempersilakan Datin Paduka Rafidah Aziz naik ke pentas untuk membuka kain.”
  2. Leaders with bad public relation skills – “Toll naik sikit, marah sama saya. You ingat ini semua toll saya punya bapak punya kah?

10. Stupidity

A good leader should be intelligent, not stupid. Leaders must always think before they leap and act. They must stop being ignorant and start being very observant. When a leader behaves in a less intelligent manner, the people will look down at them.


  1. Leaders donating coffee maker for the homeless.
  2. Leaders advising their people to be brave like the ISIS militants.


Good leaders are easy to spot. Horrible leaders are easy to hide when times are good. However, Malaysian horrible leaders are in a class of their own. Hopefully with these guidelines, it will be easier to spot them and put them in their rightful place.


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