A Tale For My Future Grandkids


Once upon a time, in a kingdom not so far from Fa Fa Land, there was an enchanted castle. Many ugly creatures lived in the castle – including a few baboons and donkeys. They weren’t all tall and fair like the royalties from other Scandinavian fairy tales. Some were short and some were shorter than short. Some had black hair, some had white and some had none. A few walked around with daggers in their sarongs while some had C4 hidden in their pockets.

Among these ugly creatures, there was a mousedeer. This mousedeer was a special mousedeer. It was smart, witty and had balls in the size of a Jupiter. Everyone in the castle loved the mousedeer and thought its courage and wisdom would bring prosperity to all.

However, this gave King Kong sleepless nights. You see, King Kong was jealous of the mousedeer for he had the tiniest balls in the entire kingdom – as tiny as a grape, well a raisin to be exact. He was afraid of losing his crown to the mousedeer. To protect his throne, King Kong sends his best huntsman to throw the mousedeer into the darkest cave in the forbidden forest not so far from the enchanted castle.

Within the forbidden forest, there was one special mountain. Beautiful trees grew on top of the mountain, next to the river which flowed through the land. This was home to three monkey families – the proboscis, the langurs and the gibbons.

These monkeys, despite having been living together for more than six decades, were always bickering about something and everything. Some claimed ownership to the mountain, some professed to be the ones maintaining the mountain while the rest just enjoyed bickering for the sake of bickering.

Living in the mountains far from the enchanted castle did not mean the monkeys were free from the evil King Kong. With a little help from the nosey squirrels and chipmunks, King Kong continued keeping a close eye at all the creatures. Whoever disobeyed his cruel laws became inhabitants of his caves and dungeons.

Few moons passed and the mousedeer finally found his way out of the cave. One fine morning, he arrived at the mountain top. He was tired and hungry after all that swimming across the river and hiking up the mountain. The proboscis, langurs and gibbons who had heard a lot of wonderful tales of the mousedeer felt honoured to have his presence in their mountain.

“Stop bickering. If we are united, we can bring in lots of changes. It is time we fight King Kong!”

The monkeys took some time to think and realised that the mousedeer was the saviour they were all waiting for. Over time, they learned to accept their differences and were united for one common cause – to defeat the evil regime of King Kong.

Few rainbows passed, the mousedeer and his monkey supporters grew stronger and stronger. The news soon reached King Kong. He became extremely afraid. Once again, King Kong summoned the Huntsman to put the mousedeer away. However, the mousedeer’s supporters were strong too, hence resisted. And King Kong had to come up with a master plan to eliminate the mousedeer once and for all.

One day, it rained heavily in the forbidden forest. The rain washed away most of the fruits on the tree into the river. By the summer’s end, the river was smothered by rotten fruits, contaminating the water that nourished the creatures of the forest. Every proboscis, langur and gibbon had to struggle for survival.

At this moment, King Kong unleashed his dogs. They bit and dragged the mousedeer throughout the forest. The monkeys tried to stand by him but they themselves had become too tired and weak to put on a good fight.

Once again, the wise and courageous mousedeer ended up in a dungeon. It was dark, cold and lonely. The mousedeer became weak but his spirit remained stronger than ever. He counted the days, waiting for the time he could flee the tormenting place into the arms of those he loved so dearly.

Time passed, the monkeys in the forbidden forest went back to living their lives. They had fruits to collect, hungry mouths to feed, branches to swing and each other to bicker. The mousedeer was soon forgotten as the monkeys awaited for their next hero to save them from the evil regime of King Kong.

Moral of the story:

Everyone needs a hero. Everyone wants to be saved and protected because they have no time to do it for themselves. But the truth is, there is nothing special about being a hero because sometimes the people you can’t live without can live without you.

The End.


3 thoughts on “A Tale For My Future Grandkids”

  1. Moral of the story: In real life, all heroes end up dead or languish as inhabitants of King Kong’s caves and dungeons, and the ordinary folks go on living their mundane lives – history repeats itself until eternity!


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