Sorry, I Can’t Keep My Mouth Shut!


I have a medical condition. I cannot keep my mouth shut.

I feel like I have no control over the things I say and I often end up saying things that offend people. I can’t help it.

The recent incident where a Member of Parliament was arrested for a speech she made in Parliament was a crude wake up call for me. If it can happen to an elected Member of Parliament, it can happen to anyone.

But it isn’t easy keeping my mouth shut. Not with everything that has been happening in my homeland.

Like the other day when our Prime Minister broke his promise to scrap the Sedition Act, I was pretty upset. And then when petrol subsidies were abolished despite election promises, it really got to me.

I don’t quite understand how the highest authority in the government could go back on his word.

This is not only a matter of a few broken promises – it is about trust.

In Islam, leadership is a bond based on trust. It is a contract between a leader and his people. It is a pledge that he will try his best to guide them, to protect them and to treat them fairly and with justice. But when our leader has no qualms about breaking his promises, his integrity as well as his faith in Islam is questionable.

I’m sorry. I know I am ranting. I promise to try to keep my mouth shut.

Sometimes I wish I was like my brothers and sisters who practice the concept of tawakkal. You know, learning to have complete faith in God and surrendering the inevitable to Him. It does give one peace of mind – the kind of peace I would love to have.

But how can I have peace of mind when I see injustice taking place every day?

I mean when our government tells us they are doing their best to care for us but end up causing our cost of living to increase, our currency to stumble, our national debt to balloon – how can I continue to keep my mouth shut?

Doesn’t Islam encourage me as well as my brothers and sisters to defend ourselves from the oppressors and save ourselves from injustice?

Most of the people I know are good Muslims, yet they choose to stay away from confrontation, keep themselves boxed in, not wanting to be part of this whole messy system. Their level of tolerance, acceptance and obedience is amazing.

That’s something I am incapable of doing. My level of patience when it comes to certain things is zero.

Like our national debt – if the government wishes to reduce our debt, why then is the government still lavishly spending our federal funds? Why the need to build airports in secluded areas when there is no need for one? Why is there the need to build a new palace worth millions when the old one is just fine? Why is there a need to refurbish Seri Perdana in Putrajaya to the tune of millions? Why is there a need to purchase the country’s sixth private jet?

While the government keeps on making empty promises, our national debt keeps on ballooning to more than RM500 billion. Do you even know how many zeros there are in five hundred billion? Too bloody many!

Darn. I did it again. Every time I try hard to keep my thoughts to myself, something takes place.

It is so frustrating to see corruption becoming the norm in our country where a day without stumbling upon news about corruption is almost unheard of. How can I possibly keep my mouth shut knowing this is exactly what God prohibits?

The Quran says: “And cause not corruption upon the earth after its reformation. And invoke Him in fear and aspiration. Indeed, the mercy of Allah is near to the doers of good.”

The Hadith says: “God cursed the one who pays a bribe, the one who takes it and the mediator between the two.”

Yet my brothers and sisters who are good followers remain silent knowing God is strictly against corruption, power abuse and all the wrong doings we see happening in our homeland. Why?

How confused I remain! The government wants me to keep my mouth shut. My brothers and sisters voluntarily keep their mouths shut. But to keep our mouths shut would mean accepting evil and injustice. And that is something God frowns upon.

Sometimes I wish I was as clueless as some of the people I know. These people are content with their lives and aren’t bothered with whatever takes place around them. As long as they can survive, put food on the table, have a roof above their heads – they are happy.

But is that what life is all about? Surviving?

No. Life is about living.

Living life is enjoying the essence of it. Surviving is breathing within the space given. I can never fathom why people are content with what they have when they deserve better.

Silence is as much a form of communication as is talking. If a protest shows disagreement, then being silent shows approval. Being silent when injustice takes place shows condoning the injustice.

Having said all that, perhaps being unable to keep my mouth shut isn’t that bad after all.

I mean if Tunku back in those days kept mum about the injustice taking place around him, worried of being heard or having offended people with his thoughts, and if Tunku refrained from doing what he believed in, we might not have achieved our independence in 1957.

Clearly, ignorance is no longer bliss.

Let yourself be heard.

Speak your mind.

Respect your thoughts.

Trust me. Change will take place only when each of us stops being silent.


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