Just Pondering…

rape    Did you read about the case in Port Elizabeth, South Africa where three women kidnapped a man, raped him and stole his semen?

Apparently the 33 year old guy was minding his own business when a BMW pulled over asking for directions. As he got closer to the window, one of the woman pointed a gun at him while another bundled him into the back of the car.


The three women tried to arouse him during the journey, failing which they forced some unknown substance down his throat. Unable to fight back, the three women took turns to rape him one after another while he was fully conscious.


When they had quenched their thirst, they placed his semen into a plastic bag and stored it in a cooler box. Having driven some 500km away from the location he was abducted, the women then ejected the man from the car.


Still traumatised and shaken, the poor man had to drag himself all the way to the police station and lodge a report.

Incidentally, according to the police, this wasn’t the first time someone reported being raped by group of women. However, the police are somewhat baffled as, and I quote “This is really confusing to us because we have never heard of such a thing before”.


You might find the incident bone tickling but imagine having the tables turned. What if it was a woman who got abducted and raped by three men? It doesn’t appear funny anymore, does it?

Imagine if such incident took place in Malaysia.

Do we have laws to deal with such issues?

Some claim in a land where men are allowed to rape their women on camels, men will never get raped.


But if our local men can get their penis cut off by their women, I believe in no time, women raping men wouldn’t be such a taboo.

penis ch

Perhaps our lawmakers should come up with new sets of laws to protect the people instead to always making policies which benefits themselves.

Just pondering…


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