From First Lady to Zero Lady : The Journey of Rosmah Mansor

Looks like the end is getting closer for Malaysia’s sixth Prime Minister, Najib Razak. But with him leaving his position and his premiership, what would happen to the First Lady, our beloved Rosmah Mansor? Surely after years of pampering herself with millions worth of diamond rings, Birkin handbags, designer clothes, shopping spree around the world and private jets to accommodate her travelling needs, what would happen to her?
How would she survive as an ordinary citizen?

mah15My heart goes out to her, hence I have taken the liberty to list down 10 things Rosmah Mansur can do to keep herself occupied after Najib Razak steps down as the Prime Minister.

1. Aerobic Instructor


Experts say exercise is the best way to deal with stress and depression. We realise this will be a tough time for our beloved Rosmah Mansor, hence we highly recommend her to become an aerobic instructor. While releasing tension, it could do her some good too!

2. Badminton Coach


Who said stepping down as the First Lady meant giving up on everything she loved doing? For example, she has always loved playing badminton – we are sure Lee Chong Wei would be more than glad to allow her to become a badminton coach in Lee Chong Wei Arena located around the country. With every ringgit she earns, she can start saving them in her piggy bank! Wonderful, ain’t it?

3. Natural Healer


Rosmah Mansor has such a loving heart, which explains her tendencies to hug people quite often. I believe she has a great future as a ‘healer’. In India it is known as ‘katti pudi vaitiyum’ which means healing through embraces. If you don’t believe me, just look at how successful Lee Chong Wei is, thanks to those magical hugs! But mind you, this healing therapy only works on male patients. For females, you have to work your ass off just like Dato Nicol David.

4. Write a Mega Serial for HBO


Rosmah has so many amazing tales to tell – from her first husband to the second, from a wife of a nobody to a somebody, from coins in a piggy bank to Birkin handbags and diamond rings, believe me, she’s got a lot to tell! If only her son, Riza Aziz made a film out of her life story, an Oscar is a definite! So what are you waiting for, Rosie – grab a pen and paper!

5. New President of the Obedience Wives Club (OWC)


We all know what a dedicated wife Rosmah has been to Najib Razak (lucky man!). Therefore, I feel no one else can be more deserving to be elected as the President of the OWC than our very own Rosmah Mansor! Surely our Malaysian women can learn a lot about how to keep our men happy from her!

6. Pursue Education


Rosmah has received quite a number of honorary doctorates from higher learning institutes, but we all know those scrolls of papers doesn’t carry any weight. Plus she has always been saying all the wrong things especially in front of the camera. Perhaps she should consider going back to school, I suggest she takes up Mass Comm, might come in handy!

7. Jamu Businesswoman


Rosmah is now almost in her mid 60s yet she looks gorgeous – I think she has been taking Jamus (natural beauty remedy)! And Najib follows everything she says (like a sweetheart) ! I think if she starts a jamu business, sure meletop! Now who wouldn’t want to have a beauty like hers?

8. Open a Jewellery Store


With all her experience in handling millions worth of jewelleries, I think this is a business venture she MUST take.  Imagine seeing Rosie Jewels next to Habib Jewels in every top location in the city – simply marvellous! If you are wondering how is she gonna get capital for such big investment, why worry, she can always dig from her piggy bank la!

9. Become Ustazah


With so many hurdles ahead, Rosmah needs all the patience and blessings she can get. And this is only possible if she changes her lifestyle. Plus I don’t think she can afford the RM1200 hairdo anymore – not if all the wealth she and her husband acquired are seized. So the tudung would come in handy! Syukur Alhamdulillah, Rosmah.

10. Lose weight
mah8When all the power and the wealth  and the Birkins and the diamonds and the private jets are gone, what’s left is just ‘Rosmah’. I suggest she takes good care of herself  – who knows, she might hit yet another jackpot!
Keching! Keching!


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