10 Reasons Why Myanmar Refugees Have No Place in Malaysia

The Rohingyas have been living in the state of Arakan since the 8th century. When Myanmar and Bangladesh decided upon their country border, Arakan was divided into two – partly Myanmar (population: 1.5m) and partly Bangladesh (population: 200k).

... : Raw Situation Update from Arakan Free Burma Rangers Relief Teams

Although they were accepted as part of the nation in the beginning (having allowed voting rights, etc), as power changed, so did the treatment towards the Rohingyas. 
End of 1970s, Myanmar launched Operation Naga Min where Rohingya were targeted and massacred in the name of ethnic cleansing. Many ran to Bangladesh. In 1982, Citizenship Law was passed and the Rohingya were deemed officially stateless.

While the Rohingyas in Myanmar are massacred in killing fields, the ones in Bangladesh are limited in their movement and often subject to exploitation.

The women are victims of sexual violence, children are denied education and there is limited access of health and medical aid.
The hostile environment for the Rohingyas in Myanmar and Bangladesh urges them to seek help in other parts of Asia such as Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore.

However, these countries are not usually welcoming, yet many still take boats and encounter dangerous journey to Malaysia and neighbouring countries because it is still safer then being persecuted and killed.

Boat-people coming to Australia hits record

Right now, there are thousands of Rohingya refugees stranded at sea because Malaysia and it’s neighbouring countries (except Thailand) decided not to accept them.

Since the majority of Malaysian people are backing up the government on this, I have enlisted 10 reasons why they think the Rohingyas should not be allowed to enter Malaysia.

1. We do not have enough food for ourselves.

Pembaziran Makanan - Kita Kufur Nikmat

Malaysians are already struggling enough having to decide what our next meal gonna be -KFC, McD, pizza, pasta, dimsum or nasi kandar. We just don’t need another problem to worry about.

2. We do not want them spreading diseases.

Isu penindasan dan kesengsaraan etnik Rohingya hanya dapatdiselesaikan ...

Malaysians already have many different diseases to worry about – selfishness, arrogance, bitterness, heartlessness, etc.

3. They do not belong here.

will come he said frankly the rohingya are just creating the history ...

The Rohingyas do not belong in Malaysia. Who cares where they belong? If it’s  6 feet under, then there is where they should be.

4. Our tax money is not for charity.

dear all i am calling on all your support for the besieged people

We are already doing charities and donations and posting all about it on Facebook, that’s good enough.

5. Our own comfort should be prioritized.

shopping spree

It is unfair to expect us to sacrifice our comfortable life for someone else even if it means saving a life.

... keluarga atau dijadikan buruh. Ahli keluarga dan mangsa mendakwa jika

6. Our government knows what’s best for us.
We should trust them with our federal funds, if they say we cannot afford to help the refugees – we should trust them, they know what they are talking about.

Even when the government spent millions to ‘rent’ two pandas from China, I am sure they have bellady good reasons for approving such an investment. If we dwell over it, I guess we can agree that pandas are much cuter than refugees (even if refugees would cost much cheaper).

... panda yang dipinjam Malaysia daripada negara China akhirnya mengundang

7. We already have enough foreigners in our country.

We have more than 2 million foreigners currently, working in Malaysia. Shouldn’t matter if they are helping us build Malaysia – the point is, they are foreigners (slaves) and we are citizens (landlords). We need not more of their ‘species’ in our country.


Now, if they are from Europe or the States, it will be a different case altogether because we Malaysians are quite fond of fair skins, blondes and blue eyes. If only these Rohingyas looked like the Caucasians, many would even volunteer to ‘adopt’ them. Remember how we took care of the Bosnians back in the 80s?

March 19, 2011 By Dave Proulx Leave a Comment

8. We have been too kind to them.

Just look at those foreign workers in our country – they earn well, even if that’s half of what we would pay our own people, but its halal, they should be thankful!

Gambar hiasan. Mangsa dera di Malaysia.

And the refugees who are settled in our country – they are free to breathe our oxygen and eat from our leftovers. We gave them nice place to live called ‘the detention centre’ where we even employ security to give them ample protection. What else they want?

LABUAN – Sejumlah 740 pendatang asing tanpa izin (PATI) ditahan ...

8. If we help them, we could lose it all.

Malaysia says it will turn away Bangladeshi and ethnic Muslim Rohingya ...
Taking in refugees would cost us a lot. They think our money growing on trees izzit? We are already living a hard life, with GST and national debt ballooning every year, how can we ever make our ends meet by giving some space to these refugees?

nak duit banyak camnie visit la-http://10je.com/?ref=2497 photo ...

9. Everyone should follow their destiny.

Malaysia People Of Malaysian Picture

It is so unfortunate for them to be born as a Rohingya. But if that is their fate, they should accept it as a challenge and continue living without causing nuisance to others.

10. Because I love Malaysia!

Saya anak Malaysia

Yes, being patriotic is not only about devoting yourself to the betterment of the society and progress of the nation but most importantly to look down on other nations especially those who are economically lower than us. Patriotism isn’t about humanity.  Patriotism is about arrogance, self-centeredness and not giving a shit about anyone else.

Rohingya refugees from Myanmar being transported. In Thailand ...Dear Malaysia,
Take a look at this picture. At one point, it was your ancestor on a boat like this.  If they were turned away like you are turning away those refugees today, you might not even be alive to be the arrogant, selfish person you are today. At this point, I would like to state here that I am truly ashamed to be a Malaysian. So cold, so heartless. May God show some mercy on your bitter soul ~ Fa.

Fa’s Note:
Everyone’s asking what can our government do?
Checkout the blogpost below for some pretty interesting suggestions.


117 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Myanmar Refugees Have No Place in Malaysia”

  1. Our country should give those refugees on the boat a chance to land . They have enough sufferings and we try to help in whatever way we can. Group them in one place and provide them food , at the least give them chance to live.Slowly take them to live with our society,


    1. you should awarded them land infront,side and back of your house.why must have taman when it can be populated by rohingya refugees. you wouldn’t mind right muhyi if gave them your land?oh and not forget,fa abdul always pleasure to give them her land too


      1. People like you make the world not worth living. Go and live in some caves and come back out in 10000 years time, maybe?


    1. If the story is true, it means, the refugees are not the terrorist, they are the arakians who are being attack and stranded at the sea to find shelter. The terrorists are not stupid, would take a hard life by stranded at the sea meanwhile, they could get a comfortable life from the arab.
      Why would you very worried? If they are the terrorist, they only have limited movement in the country. They could not do anything. Aren’t we have a good military system like the government said.


  2. We should stop importing new foreign workers and let these refugees fill the positions. As the existing foreign workers’ contracts end, they can go home and we can take in more refugees to take up these vacancies. This will save us from having to feed them indefinitely, and it will give them something productive to do with their time and let them earn their own keep.

    Btw, pic 3 is not Myanmar, it was a petrol explosion in Africa.


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