Finger Here…Finger There…Finger Where?


The human finger is one of the most powerful tools in the world. Our fingers are special because there are no muscles in them, yet they assist us in doing so many things.

Some people can climb vertical surfaces supporting their entire weight at times, merely by using their fingertips.

Some people get a kick out of their day simply by inserting their finger into one nostril, turning it clockwise, then anti-clockwise, deriving maximum pleasure from their workout when sitting idle in their cars at traffic lights. Yeah, we’ve seen you, so don’t deny it.

Fingers also help us exercise our democratic rights. By simply washing off the blue indelible ink, anyone can exercise their right as citizens of our country, over and over again.

I am sure all of us are capable of doing many things with our precious fingers – so I won’t bore you with a long list of activities that you probably are already aware of.

However, speaking of fingers, there are three individuals who have created headlines, all because of their fingers.

Colonel Sanders – thanks to his secret recipe, he has got everyone on this planet lickin’ their fingers after a satisfying meal. Thank you, Colonel.

Rajinikanth – he is an Indian superstar with a magic finger because tragedy strikes whenever he points it into the air. Like the other day, a mosquito almost bit him, so Rajinikanth reacted in a nano-second, pointing his finger at the mosquito. It died instantly – from dengue, of all things. How’s that for impressive?

Alongside Colonel Sanders and Rajinikanth, we have a local guy from Sibu who owns one magic finger. He is none other than Bunya Jalong, a 60-year-old driver who raped a girl simply by using his finger.

That’s not all – his finger was so powerful that he even got the girl pregnant. And get this – not only did he rape an underage girl and get her pregnant, but thanks to his finger, he was even acquitted of the rape charge.

Imagine if he hadn’t used his finger – instead fondled her body and private parts – surely he would have been sent behind bars for a long spell under molestation charges. But nope, his semen-smudged finger saved the day.

Amazing uh, the brand of law we practice in this country – the rapist admits guilt and the victim’s child is proven to carry his DNA, yet the case is closed and the rapist walks a free man, with his offending finger intact.

So much for justice, huh?

I wonder what our ministers and lawmakers have been doing all this while? Do we have to wait for cases such as these to occur before we finger our lax laws and dish out just punishment to those who deserve it?

If threatening to insert a cucumber into a woman’s vagina can get a Texas man convicted of second degree felony in 2013, why isn’t there any allowance in our legal system to prosecute this man for being sexually involved with an underaged girl?

Disappointing, really.

Perhaps the only thing we can do right now to show our total disgust at this man, is to give him the finger.


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