Reminiscing the Past : Project I.G.I Goethe

“Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forward.”

In life, we do three things. We are born. We consume. And we die.

As we live our lives, sometimes we cross the point where we feel as if the days ahead are dimming and fading. With uncertainties, we stumble and hit hard on the ground.

I was there. It ain’t a pleasant place to be.

Everyone looking down at you with sympathetic eyes.  

“Are you okay?”

“Do you need any help to get up?”

How I despised those moments. Feeling helpless and in despair. There was no way moving forward, simply standing on my two feet without stumbling was a miracle.

And then I met them.

Bangkok 2011.


I remember the first time I saw Andreas. Gosh. Very poised, gentle, caring and oh god, so sweet! Thanks to his initiative, a nobody like me was given a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn and make something out of myself.


The first few days in Bangkok was totally awkward with strange faces and feeling not good enough to be among the experienced tv producers and writers from all over the region.


I remember telling myself, “Don’t worry Fa, enjoy your free vacation before they realise they got the wrong person on-board.”


Bangkok was certainly fun.The joy of rolling on the bed in serenity ; to heavenly soak myself in the tub for hours or to indulge my senses with Thai cuisine; it was such divine. But none of it could redeem the wonders of meeting the three most treasured people I will never forget in my life.

Ute. Katja. Maike.


Recapturing those moments brings tears to my eyes. If there were angels on Earth, they would be it.

Not always are we blessed to meet people who have faith in us – faith so strong that shakes you up inside out. Faith that makes you wonder if you truly are amazing as they say you are.


Still fresh in my memory are those early days when I presented my opinions as I reviewed the work of producers from neighbouring countries – my voice was trembling, arms shaking, face sweating. I wanted so much to get myself a sack and hide.

But through every presentations, every review, every discussion, such great assurance I received that my thoughts and views meant something. For someone bruised and broken, doubting myself has been such a routine chore. And here I am being told that I had wings. I could fly…if I wanted to.


And so on that fateful day, the day beautiful Katja told me “You are born to tell stories” I decided that I will fly.


It is so amazing how little faith and love can drive a person to greatness. It takes just a fraction of your time to tell someone that they are worth it. To give them hope. To inspire. It would mean the world to them.  


It meant the world to me.

And soon I found myself a new family – My IGI family.


I am who I am today because these wonderful people believed in me.


The truth is, life is full of vanity and futility. Life is like a hurricane. It hits you hard momentarily and just as quickly it is gone. Just like that, five wonderful years has vanished.

We are now at a juncture of forever goodbye. But how do you say goodbye to your Haribo angels?


You don’t.

I won’t.


Dear Andreas, Ute, Katja and Maike, For every faith you had in me, every hope you planted in me and every dream I am living today, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Here’s to our past, present and future. Cheers to our friendship!




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