Rajinikanth vs Najib

On our right we have Rajinikanth – the most well-known superstar on this side of the planet. And on our left we have Najib – the most powerful man in this country. Let’s put them face to face and have a good laugh!

Rajnikanth Funny ImagesRajinikanth does not need a watch, he decides what time it is.
Najib does not need a watch, Rosmah decides what time it is.

When Rajinikanth plays cricket, the rain cancels pouring due to the match. When Najib plays golf, everyone cancels plan and heads to help flood victims.

If Dracula bites Rajinikanth, the Dracula becomes Rajini’s follower.
If Pontianak bites Najib, the Pontianak will be followed with a C4.

Rajinikanth already went to the Moon, that’s why there are no signs of life. Najib already went to the Moon, there’s where he met Rosmah.

Once a cop caught Rajini, he was lucky to escape with a warning.
Once a cop caught Najib, he was lucky to take a selfie with Najib.

Rajinikanth can make onions cry!
Najib can make the nation cry!

Rajinikanth knows Victoria’s Secret!
Najib doesn’t know his own secret! 

Once Rajinikanth bit an apple and threw it away. Now it’s Apple Comp.
Once Najib bit a mamak and pushed him away. Now it’s Mydin Emporium.

Rajinikanth can delete Recycle Bin!
Najib is Recycle Bin!

Once Rajinikanth signed a cheque and the bank bounced!
Once Najib signed a cheque and the whole country bounced!

Rajinikanth can build a snowman…out of rain.
Najib can build RM42 billion debt…out of thin air.

When Rajinikanth asks you a question, there is no answer.
When Najib is asked a question, never expect for an answer.

Once a cobra bit Rajini’s leg. After 5 days of pain, the cobra died.
Once a cobra bit Najib’s leg. After 5 days of pain, 5 doctors died.

Rajinikanth can judge a book by its cover.
Najib is a cover. No content.


Rajinikanth can boil an egg in ice water.
Najib has no egg.

The End.



11 thoughts on “Rajinikanth vs Najib”

  1. For some more good laugh: Rajinikanth is so fast that he always comes yesterday. Adam and Eve are children of Rajinikanth. Rajinikanth can get rid of his own shadow. Rajinikanth can cure cancer with his First Aid box. Sun doesn’t rise until Rajinikanth says “Good Morning”! Rajinikanth doesn’t answer nature’s call. Nature answers Rajinikanth’s call.


  2. Rajinikanth donate his hard earn money to people through charitable trust.
    Najib robs people’s hard earn money through multiple 1M companies like 1MDB.


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