Time To Add New Words to the Malaysian Urban Dictionary

I was browsing some interesting sites yesterday when I came across the word ‘Yolo’. Not being too much updated with all these news words, I decided to check the definition on the Oxford online dictionary.

Rupa-rupanya, ‘Yolo’ is an acronym for ‘you only live once’.

What amazes me is that Oxford dictionary was quick to adapt to all these new words floating around the digital world. Besides ‘Yolo’, there were also a long list of new words added to the Oxford  such as ‘adorbs’ , ‘selfie’ , ‘twerk’ and even ‘clickbait’ (whatever that means).

Come to think of it, it does make perfect sense to add current words to dictionaries as they are used widely today, don’t you think? I mean after all, dictionary is a collection of most commonly used words and it should reflect the vocabulary used by people in the past and present.

Perhaps it is about time Malaysian dictionaries too be upgraded with a catalogue of current definitions of words as they are used today. On top of that, I think perhaps we should also enrich our vocabularies with the right collection of new and trendy words.

Here are some recent addition I think should be added into our Malaysian Urban Dictionary.

Najib – either ‘break promises’ or ‘not to show up without a reason’.

1.  Let’s meet for breakfast at Raju’s tomorrow and please do not najib me.
2.  You najib all the time. How can I trust you ever again?

Katak – racist.

1. Please stop discriminating people. Don’t be a katak.
2. So many kataks wanted the cross to be taken down from a church in Taman Medan.

Maslan – either brainless or claim to be too intelligent when not.

1. People who think too much might end up
2. Don’t judge a book by its cover. He could be a maslan.

Mahathir – trying to set things right.

1. I know you screwed up your life but it is never too late to mahathir.
2. The government should work out plans to mahathir the 1MDB deal.

Guan-Eng – to pretend things are improving.

1. The people are sick of the politicians trying to guan-eng about Malaysian economy.
2. I want a divorce. I am not going to guan-eng anymore.

Palanivel – make lots of noise for no reason.

1. PAS and DAP should stop going palanivel.
2. That rich spoilt brat likes to palanivel wherever she goes.

Ridhuan– to utter nonsensical arguments from a religious high point.

1. Just because you are wearing a kopiah, don’t think you can ridhuan me.
2. It takes a great speaker to be able to ridhuan and capture people’s heart.

Shahidan – to think out of the box.

1. That piece of land is unused. Shahidan and give me your ideas.
2.  Fresh graduates should shahidan to make the best out of their lives.

Saiful – 3 in 1.


1. Can I please have a mug of Milo saiful?
2. I went saiful yesterday. I managed to kawtim 3 jobs in one attempt.

I believe we have to always shahidan to improve and upgrade Malaysian vocabulary in order to mahathir our standard of local language. Let’s not only palanivel about bahasa rojak and guan-eng about it. After all, our society are not maslan.


Published by: fa abdul

Fa is a passionate storyteller, a struggling producer, an aspiring playwright, an expert facebooker, a lazy blogger, a self-acclaimed photographer, a regular columnist, a part-time queen and a full time vain pot.

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