Kudos Mr. PM! You are indeed very consistent


Najib Razak’s claim that the Opposition has not been consistent in their stand and struggle is sadly correct.

The differing viewpoints within the Opposition, the constant squabbling among themselves, the inability to agree even on the most basic of things since we gave them our trust on a silver platter a couple of elections ago, means that they have not been able to project a unified image with a consistent point of view. The Opposition needs to address its image problems, pronto, if it wants to salvage its future!

As much as it hurts to admit Najib is right, it does give me some sort of satisfaction to know that at least someone is consistent.

Who – you ask?

Well, Najiblah. Siapa lagi?

Najib and his government have been consistently milking the rakyat. The introduction of the GST has been hailed as a bold step by the government to rescue the nation, financially. The truth is, however, that it is us, the rakyat who have been squeezed in pursuit of this lofty objective.

Yes, Najib and Barisan Nasional have been very consistent in taking the rakyat for a spin. Subsidies have been cut, prices have been hiked and burdens have been shifted to the ordinary people of Malaysia to correct imbalances caused by wastage, poor planning, and mismanagement.

Every Ali, Ah Chong, and Ramu has been consistently led to believe that the government is working for the benefit of the people. We have been consistently duped into thinking that the burdens associated with our sky-rocketing cost of living would be lifted. But you and I both know that our grumbling over the price of our Kopi O, roti canai, fuel, toll, groceries; over not being able to make ends meet has not let up. In fact, our grumbling has been consistent and getting louder by the day.

Seriously, Najib deserves an award for consistency in weaving twists and turns in his never-ending excuses about 1MDB and failing to provide honest, frank and worthy answers.

In short, Najib’s actions have consistently cost the nation of its hope, failed to deliver on promises, and resulted in people gradually losing trust in him.

And yet, despite all the frustration among the rakyat , Najib and his cabinet consistently turn a blind eye to racism, extremism, and chauvinism, all the while chanting the need for moderation.

So yeah, congratulations Mr PM ! You are indeed consistent in pretty much everything!


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