No Holy Pens for Malaysian Students

SPMI read an interesting piece of news on the net yesterday about a Zimbabwean pastor who told his congregation that those sitting for exams only needed faith and one of his “special pens” to pass.

“It is anointed and I declare passes when your children sit for exams. The more you pay for one, the better grades you’ll get,” the self-acclaimed prophet was reported saying.

Convinced that this “special pen”, from the man of God possessed magical powers, many began buying them – even paying up to RM80 for a pen.

I wonder ….would there be any takers of this ‘holy pen’ if it was made available in Malaysia.

Perhaps at least 48% of our population would be potential customers – you know, those who like things served to them on a silver platter; those who prefer relaxing in the sunshine instead of trying to make hay while the sun shines.

But on the other hand, with our education system, are ‘holy pens really necessary? I mean, why bother when our students have ‘magic hands’ helping them to not only pass, but also enjoy great results? Why work hard when financial aid, goodie bags and special discounts are readily available, eh?

Just consider our baseline marks for SPM examinations – when all a student needs is a miserable 7% to pass the English paper, 11% to pass Additional Math and 13% to pass Science, why would they opt for a ‘holy pen’?

Maybe we should find out if the Zimbabwean pastor has ‘holy brains’ for sale. Thanks to our education system, most of our students could really use one.

Actually, so could our teachers and our ministers.

(Note: Annual SPM Baseline marks for all subjects are made available to public school teachers)


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