Of vaginal surgery, sleeping naked and living in a cocoon


I have friends who would rather read about vaginal surgery than learn about 1MDB. Can you believe that?

Yeah, apparently having designer vaginal surgery to look good in yoga pants and bikinis has become very newsworthy among some of my friends. I don’t think any of them actually plan to go through labiaplasty surgery to reduce the size and shape of their inner and outer vaginal lips, however, this is a hot topic they very much enjoy.

There was yet another news item which was over-consumed, talked about and basically discussed to death recently – something about the link between sleeping naked and good health.

Interesting friends, I have.

Yeah, this is the type of news often shared by some of my Facebook friends. Something juicy, spicy, sexy and yes, sometimes ‘informative’ as well.

Frankly, I do not have issues with these ‘interesting’ articles as I too enjoy reading and posting them, but I do get really annoyed when people get over-excited over stories like this but ignore articles about our country and the state of society’s well-being.

Everyone is entitled to live his/her life based on individual choices and preferences, I know, but I am still curious as to why they make the choices they do. So at one of my recent get-togethers I tried to get to the bottom of this. I asked people why they tended to shy away from participating in some of the forums on my Facebook wall.

“Boring, too much political stuff,” they said.

I laughed. “I share things on FB just to keep everyone updated about what’s going on around us. Well, as long as you are reading the news and getting info from your own sources, all’s good then,” I replied.

“Not interested in politics lah. I’d rather read about health, fitness, food, fashion and entertainment,” someone said point blank.

I went blur for a second. Then I burst out laughing hysterically and had to excuse myself so as not to offend her.

Seriously, it was funny. Gobsmacking funny actually.

You know why?

Because friends of mine also went to the recent Bersih rally, took loads of selfies and flooded their Facebook walls with them. They are usually the first to complain when dissatisfied with their children’s education at public schools. They grunt when they have to fork out extra cash for toll, fuel and pretty much everything these days. They lash out at the sight of haze, traffic and basic amnesties which don’t work. Truth be told however, they are far worse than hermit the crab who crawls out of its shell once in a while, to check out its environment.

I believe these friends of mine aren’t alone. There are plenty more of their kind around. They get some sort of energy boost from the never-ending complaints about anything and everything, yet aren’t bothered about the world around them. They seem trapped in the world within their minds but oblivious to the real world around them.

I really don’t understand why people in this day and age would want to continue living inside a cocoon?

I mean, what is the point in being so charged up and wanting to make a difference when you are unable to convince people in your own social circle of how bellady important it is for everyone to take part in this journey towards a better Malaysia for us and our children?

Every day, there are hundreds of reports, news items, and articles being published. They aim to update citizens, expose the truth, disseminate information, and provide fuel for healthy discussions. They try to encourage us to get involved, to be active, to make a difference in the direction and the state of our nation – but if these efforts don’t reach the people who hold the key to the future of Malaysia, i.e its citizens, what is the point?


I wonder if reducing the size of our vagina, sleeping naked and living inside the cocoon can make our lives better. If the answer is yes, someone please sign me up for labiaplasty surgery.


One thought on “Of vaginal surgery, sleeping naked and living in a cocoon”

  1. what more interesting than a topic connotatively inclined towards sex and women. That explains why even the ustads can live with the idea of a prophet marrying and consuming a 9 year old. By the way, I am a Muslim before you start assuming that Im not.
    I believe there’s a word for the people you mentioned in your post… hypocrites? 😀


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