8 reasons why I will not consume the halal certified water



On 28 November, Lumin Spring – the world’s first premium halal mineral water was launched. Priced between RM6-RM6.50, the news has been making its rounds all over Malaysia, causing the sale of Paracetamol to hike up resulting from people shaking their heads too much.

Now I am not going to condemn the halal certified mineral water because that would be a waste of time and wasting time is against the teachings of Islam which means it is haram. Instead, I am going to list down eight reasons why I personally am not going to consume the so called halal certified water.

Reason 1: Wasting money is haram

Pure water by definition is halal in nature. Therefore, spending RM6 of my hard earned cash would be totally a waste of money. And in Islam, any form of wastages is haram.

Reason 2: Holy water is cheaper

Zamzam water or the holy water from the holy city of Mecca is way cheaper at RM5 per bottle. But wait a second – since the holy water is not certified halal, does that mean it isn’t as premium as the halal certified water?

Reason 3: Syabas is not halal certified

Imagine spending RM6 to consume halal certified water and still ending up taking bath, cleaning oneself, cooking, washing and doing other activities using non-halal certified water. Silly ain’t it?

Reason 4: Stupidity is haram in Islam

Spritzer mineral water is only RM2 and still carries halal logo. So who in their right minds would purchase RM6 ‘premium’ halal certified water when they can get three ‘normal’ halal certified water for the same price? Only fools would. And mind it, stupidity is haram.

Reason 5: Non-halal looking models promoting halal certified water

Did you manage to take a glance at the models promoting the halal certified water? Not only do they not look much halal certified but looking at them can also be certified non-halal. So how lah?

Reason 6: Is Jakim halal certified?

One needs to be certified halal in order to certify others halal. Enough said.

Reason 7: Operation not halal certified

In the certification of halal status, the audit process covers all aspects of preparation, processing, handling, storage, transportation, cleaning, sanitation and disinfection and good management practices. Is the production company certified halal for all the above? Thought so.

Reason 8: I am not halal certified

I guess before I can consume halal certified water, I myself need to get halal certified first – which I doubt will be an easy task. Sigh. Tak payahlah!



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