So you’re a think tank? Better think again!

muslim-indianDo you know what a ‘think tank’ is?

A think tank is an organisation made up of intelligent, experienced, and educated people who come together to research, brainstorm and offer advice and ideas on specific issues such as social policy, political strategy, economic approaches and so on.

There are many think tanks not only in Malaysia but all over the world, taking up issues such as poverty, world hunger, war, global warming and other environmental problems, including the occurrence of pandemics.

However there is one think tank in Malaysia so ‘unique’ it would make you fall off your chair once you discover what they busy themselves with.

The think tank I am referring to is Mimta or the Malaysian Indian Muslim Think Tank Association.

According to Mimta’s official Facebook Group which is administered by its president, the association’s main function is to develop the Indian Muslim community in Malaysia in education, religious teachings, economy, involvement of women and the strengthening of unity.

While their objectives are commendable, Mimta’s choices of activities in pursuit of these objectives leave me baffled.

‘Majlis Berkhatan Perdana’

‘Kem Solat’

Tuition Centre

Weekly Islamic Dressing Day

Handicraft, Tailoring, Cooking Courses


Seriously, does Mimta’s committee members have any clue whatsoever about the function of a think tank? With so many issues suffocating the Indian Muslim community in Malaysia today, why isn’t Mimta creating policies to help overcome these issues?

Why aren’t there any initiatives to tackle the issues of poverty, housing, drug addiction, high divorce rates, English proficiency, job training and opportunities, preserving the country’s heritage, teen marriages and extremism among the Indian Muslim community?

Seriously, can someone tell me how chopping the foreskins off a bunch of ten-year-olds is going to develop the community?

I bet if Mimta stopped promoting Punjabi dresses, headscarves, make-up sets, herbal products, and cupcakes on their official Facebook group page and instead took their role as a think tank more seriously, many amazing things could be accomplished within the Indian Muslim community.

But then again, if Mimta is only capable of organising tuition classes, sewing courses and cooking sessions, perhaps they should stop describing themselves as a think tank and start a club instead.

Hey, I might even consider signing-up!



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