The Misadventure of a Bare Backside


I accompanied my parents to the bank yesterday morning in Bandar Perda, Pulau Pinang to settle some financial matters. As we walked in, the overwhelming crowd, even as early as 10 o’clock in the morning, meant it was going to be a long wait before we were attended to.

While mom and dad took a number and sat down to await their turn, I decided to become a wallflower and indulge myself in one of my most favourite past times – people watching.

Just as I was observing people of different shapes and sizes walking in and out of the bank – trying to sniff out a story for my next article, a young woman sauntered in. This woman caught everyone’s eye – not because she resembled JLo , but for other equally eye-boggling reasons.

This woman, looking like someone in her early 20s, was dressed in a t-shirt of just the right length to cover her bum. I imagined her wearing a pair of super mini shorts underneath but looking at the dropped jaws of some around me, I suppose their imaginations were telling them otherwise.

Since people continued pouring in, the young lady had no choice but to grab her number and stand with the others while her thighs were on full display, admired by many wild eyes. Being a person who admires great works of nature, I would also have joined the crowd but to be honest, a better endowed bottom is more my thing.

Soon, my parent’s number showed up on the screen – so they got up, leaving two empty seats behind. Just as the young lady made her way to occupy one of these seats, the sheet of paper bearing her number accidentally fell to the floor. Almost instantaneously, she blushed. Then looking sheepishly to the left and right, she pressed her legs close together, and gingerly gripping both sides of her t-shirt, slowly bent her knees in order to pick up that damn piece of paper.

My heart pounded fast as my eyes stayed glued to the t-shirt covering her bum – the more she bent, the higher it went, exposing a rather unflattering scene.

Darn, she was only wearing a pair of red panties underneath!

“Someone please hand me a fork,” I whispered to myself as the image of Kassim Selamat filled my brain, as my eyes with a mind of its own, were unwilling to budge from the sight of her flat bread… uhh… I mean bum. Honestly I wished she was clad in a sarong at that point.

In the nick of time, a pakcik came to her rescue, quickly picking up the sheet of paper and handing it over to the young lady.

She smiled and nodded. I guess she was too embarrassed to say anything. I also bet she wasn’t the only embarrassed one around.

I shared the incident with my parents on our way to the parking lot thinking it would be a good topic of discussion to keep us occupied on our way home but dad seem to disagree.

“Not news to me. It happens too often,” he said.

“People learn from mistakes, pa,” I tried reasoning.

“Sometimes they do. Sometimes they don’t,” answered dad.

“Suruh pakai sarung, depa bising,” mom finally joined our conversation.

Oh well, I guess having sarongs handy in banks, hospitals and government departments isn’t such a bad idea after all – we can always use it to blindfold ourselves from such horrible sights!


One thought on “The Misadventure of a Bare Backside”

  1. I guess everybody should know the pros and cons of wearing whatever you decided to wear, when and where and the consequences… if you wear a sarong, you should least expect that it would be difficult for you to cross over a metre wide drain, if you wear a short one piece then you should expect that at least one point of time you might ‘have’ to reveal what was to be covered…. not blaming anyone here, but the logical of one’s decision for such thing. To Wear or Not To Wear 😀


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