Goodbye to a dear friend

Among the first things I did in 2016 is to end my friendship of five years with a mate. Why? Simply because I no longer enjoy his friendship.

The thing is, people change. While friendship is formed as a result of two people finding great comfort in each other, when they evolve over time, this sense of comfort at times disappears. Worse still, when the friendship gives a feeling of discomfort.

I believe we should be always circled by a group of friends who can give you positive energy so you too can reflect the same energy to them. That is how we grow into a better human being. Why should we compromise having a negative energy within our circle if that is only going to affect us mentally and emotionally?

I say stop sacrificing our precious self in order to put up with people who bring no value to ourselves.

Some may think this is a selfish thing to do. Some may feel difference of opinions and choices should be respected. Some may even believe it is harsh to end a friendship just because you don’t enjoy the company. To all of them, I say “Good luck”.


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