Fa is a creature of a complex personality. She likes to read. She likes to write. She likes to think. She likes to dream. She likes to talk. She likes to listen. She likes to see the sunrise in the morning. She likes to see the moonlight at night. She likes to feel the music flowing on her face. She likes to smell the wind coming from the ocean. She likes to walk in the rain. She likes to look at the clouds in the sky with a blank mind. She likes to do thought experiment when she cannot sleep in the middle of the night. She likes to dance in the shower. She likes the limelight. She likes to be invisible. She likes pavements. She likes the stage. She likes the peaceful countryside. She likes the city’s noise. She likes beautiful dresses. She likes flip flops. She likes bear hugs. She likes massages. She likes to cry watching romantic movies. She likes to scream watching horror films. She likes music and singing. She likes the ocean and the nature. She likes people. And she likes to laugh.


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